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Vientiane Orchidées


In Laos, there are orchids in the primary forests, on rock plateaus, and, in fact, just about everywhere in the country.

The first descriptions are from Laporte (the forward carried out by Doudard of LAGREE between 1866 and 1868). He gave his impressions on the extraordinary beauty of the orchids that he observed in Laos.

Since 1966, Dr. Gunnar SEIDENFADEN, a diplomat and Danish botanist, published an article on the orchids of Laos: “Natural History Bulletin off the Siam Society”. In this article, the author indexed 40 species gathered in the area of Luang prabang, Kasi and Phou Khao Khouai between 1957 and 1958.

Since the year 2000, Dr. André SCHUITEMAN and Dr. Ed VOGEL (National Herbarium of Holland) have researched the orchids of Indo-China.

In comparison with his neighbours’ (Thailand, Vietnam), one thinks that there are approximately 900 different species endemic to Laos.

But, it is difficult scientifically to affirm that an orchid is endemic. Such claims take years of research. On the other hand, certain species like Dendrobium Lanya iae, for example, would not be anywhere but in Laos.

Laos is undergoing great ecological pressure. Both the clear-cutting of wood for the creation of hydro-electric dams and the exploitation of forest products are causing stress.

The orchids are the first line for extinction. The collecting and marketing of orchids by local populations seriously threatens the plants throughout the country.

Certain species are classified among the plants threatened for extinction: Paphiopedilum concolor (Lindl.), Pfitzer, Paphiopedilum callosum (Rchb.f.) Stein, Paphiopedilum villosum (Lindl.) Stein, Anoectochilus lyleii (Rolfe ex Downie), and several species of the Dendrobium kind.

Objectives :

Our company was born from a passion for the orchids and a desire to take part in the social and economic development of Laos, while simultaneously taking part in the conservation of biodiversity in the world.


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