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     Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicles Manufacturing Co., Ltd, established in 1983, owns registered 100 million RMB with over 400 million RMB in fixed assets, covers an area of 420 Mu (28 hectares) and gross building area of 210,000 square meters, and manufacture various type light armored vehicle with more than 600 annual output units.

  Our company has 13 functional departments: Production, Sales, Technology, Quality Management Department and others. Production Department also been divided into Machining, Welding, Metal Plating, Final Assembling. With the technology development, the enterprise has adopted many large-scale equipments: large laser cutting machine, CNC (computer numerically controlled) plasma cutting machine, CNC lathe, 2500T hydraulic press.

Our company has passed GJB 9001B-2009 standard (National Military Standard), established a complete quality assurance system and relevant quality test control procedures, besides, acquired Class One of weapons and equipment production qualification, the license from COSTIND for producing weapons and equipments, confidential certification, GJB for national military standard certification, military production certification, Project Approval for Military Exports and 14 national patents

Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicles Manufacturing Co., Ltd has developing and producing multi-purpose wheeled light armored vehicles, such as ZFB05 wheeled armored vehicle ZFB05A wheeled armored vehicle ZFB05B armored vehicle with chain cannonZFB05C armored ambulance vehicleCQF08 anti-riot disperse vehicle05G armored broadcasting vehicle Digitalized reconnaissance vehicle “Wild Wolf” assault vehicle“China Tiger”APCFrontier Defense Patrol Vehicle .Our products mainly served for special operation force, motorized assault operation troops, urban combat, anti-terrorism action, peace-keeping. Meanwhile they can assist battlefield vigilance, border defending and patrolling, man hunting and works as basic platform to modify various lighted special vehicle for military usage.

Our product has equipped with combat troopsspecial policearmored policeand exported to 12 foreign countries and regions so far. The vehicles have also been selected into United Nations Procurement List. In 2004, our product has equipped to China first peace-keeping force which are executing UN mission in Haiti, In 2006, our armored vehicle has equipped to the sapper battalion of Chinese People’s liberation Army in Lebanon, Recent years, the enterprise has successfully accomplished the military assistance and trade to African countries and promoted mutual-trust and communication between China and African/Asian countries.

In recent years, our enterprise has successively been praised the provincial and municipal title of “Re-contract and Trustworthy Enterprise”, “Advanced Enterprises at Safe Production”, “New High/Tech Enterprise”, “Technological Innovation-based Enterprise”, “Top 10 Best Innovative Enterprises”, “Top 10 High-Integrity Enterprise”, and achieved national honorary titles, such as, “Enterprise with Fine social Responsibility”, “Enterprise with Good self-dependent Innovation Capacity”, “China Top 100 Innovative Enterprise of Small or Medium Size”.

In order to enlarge production capacity, our enterprise has requisitioned land of 350 Mu (about 23.3 hectares) and invested 360 million RMB in Baoji east national high-tech industrial development zone .with building area 150 thousand square meters and multifunctional testing area of 4,800 square meters. All infrastructure has been completed in 2013 and plan to remove in this year. After that, our enterprise will achieve annual production capacity for 600 units of light vehicles and 200 units of gyroplanes. By then, it will become a leading science research and production base for light wheeled armored vehicles